Made to Conquer Mountain Design

The inspiration for the mountain design came after thinking about the challenges that I was going to face in my own life. The mountain is a universal symbol of a challenge to undertake and one that should not be taken lightly.

Everyone has a mountain to climb. It comes in different forms. It can be a dream that is chased. Aspirations to be acquired or even goals to be met. Regardless of what form presents itself, they also come in the form of a challenge.

When you look up and see the peak, you see your destination. It will be daunting, you will have doubts, you will want to give up. It is moving one foot in front of the other that will lead you to the top. Each step that you take is a small victory in your journey. Do not give up, do not give in. Fear and doubt is but for a fleeting moment but regret will follow you forever.
What dreams lay dormant inside of you? What is stopping you from rising up to the challenge? We all have the ability to adopt a conqueror’s mindset. You do not have to set limitations upon yourself, they are not the universal standard.

When I was in Aircrew Candidate school in Pensacola, Florida, I discovered a very valuable lesson. On the first day of training, we were told that we would always run a minimum of three miles every day. Everytime we messed up, an additional half mile would be added on. We ran seven miles that first day. As I lay in bed that night, I thought to myself as I focused on the pain in my legs, “There’s no way that they will make us run that much again, it’s not possible to run that much.” I was wrong. We ran 6 ½ miles the next day. We did not do very well syncing up with the cadence of jumping jacks. Regardless, I learned throughout Aircrew Candidate school that it was possible to conquer the limitations placed by your mind. It may seem menial when looking at what Navy Seals go through, but it’s the same concept. I still remember this lesson when I am at the gym thinking that my legs can’t go any more, that I can’t push myself further, when the thought of impossible starts to makes its way into my mind, I remember that those limitations are placed by a mind that reacts to survival.

Persevere through these challenges, keep placing one foot in front of the other. Challenge yourself daily and never stop chasing.

As a kid, most of us were told to chase our dreams. We could do anything that we set our minds to. Some of us listened and made something of that dream. Others let it fall by the wayside. Whether it be from limitations placed upon ourselves, lack of motivation and discipline, or acceptance of mediocrity. Your dreams, your gifts, and your talents don’t have to die. My dream is in this company. My challenge is in this company. My journey is in this company. For me, it starts with fitness. It is one of the mountains that I must climb to reach the destination of my dream. These challenges will test your mettle, test your grit.

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